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Do Not Alter is a volunteer driven organization awaiting 501c3 nonprofit approval whose mission is to educate North and South Carolina consumers about the potentially harmful  ingredients and processes presently allowable in our food and seed supply.  By doing so, our goal is to increase consumer pressure to gain accessibility to a safer, unaltered, unadulterated, traditionally and a primarily locally produced decentralized food supply.

Our present focus is on the genetically modified organism in our food supply.  It is our objective to create an environment of consumer awareness that leads to the rejection, labeling and ultimately, the end of GMOs in our food supply.

Please become a part of DNA by supporting, joining our email list and/or volunteering.

 Do Not Alter is a Member of the Coalition of States for GMO Labeling and works in collaboration with the Institute for Responsible Technology's Non-GMO Tipping Point Network.  Our work is focused in North and South Carolina.

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Do Not Alter
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